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Millbee is Back!

Date: 11/28/12

   After a week of being gone millbee is back in action. For the past week Millbee had not post any tweets on twitter or upload any videos to YouTube. There was no indication of where he had gone. From not hearing from Millbee for so long the Millians started sending him tweets asking where he has been. So after a week had passed Millbee returns with no explanation on where he had been. Where he had been will remain a mystery!

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FTL: Faster Than Light (No Combat Pausing): Team Cobblehater (Part 3)

Date: 11/20/12

   I play this game without pausing because it is enjoyable to me. Either accept that or move along, please don't try and force the way you play the game on me.
   In FTL, the player controls a spacecraft whose crew has intercepted a data packet from a rebel fleet. The goal is to reach a Federation fleet, waiting several sectors of space away, without being destroyed or caught by the rebel fleet that is in pursuit.

Watch it here!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Day Four) - I'm Back Baby!

Date: 11/27/12 - 11/28/12

   After being gone for a week Millbee was back Wednesday on Twitch streaming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim until mid morning on Thursday. Due to his streaming software messing up the video kept going outfrom the stream. So there are 6 different videos for this stream. He streamed for 8:45:09.

All 6 parts here:

Part 1(1:55:24)

Part 2(3:14:53)

Part 3(9:08)

Part 4(2:01:22)

Part 5(23:06)

Part 6(1:03:16)

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