On February 27, Atomic Object hosted a full-day workshop for the GVSU Women in Computing student group. The topic of the workshop was to “Write your own language!” Atomic Object is a software company with offices in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, MI. 10 persons attended the workshop. Participants had the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of how to create a programming language in Java. The goal was to gain technical skills as much as it was to network and meet new people.

GVSU Women in Computing is a community for collegiate students interested in technology, design and engineering that welcomes all majors. The goal of GVSU Women in Computing is to increase interest in computing and open opportunities to girls and women at any age to engage with the exciting field of technology. There are over 20 members in the group. The members meet monthly. 

Other events that the group has hosted include dinners out with mentors from local tech firms, coding camps for middle school girls, and various technical workshops. They also attend regional events and conferences as a group.

The current president of GVSU Women in Computing is DaiLynn Dietz, a double major in Computer Science and Physics. Professors Ana Posada and Jie Du are advisors to the group. To get involved, follow the GVSU Women in Computing’s Facebook page.