Admission to major standing in Computer Science (CS) or Information Systems (INF) is competitive and requires a secondary application. Transfer students must complete at least six hours of CIS coursework at GVSU before applying and should consult with a CIS advisor before scheduling courses.

Minimum Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered. However, achievement of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the major.

  • overall GPA of 2.5 or above in all GVSU coursework
  • completion of each course in the technical core with a grade of “C” or above
  • GPA of 2.5 or above in technical core (only one repeat per course allowed)

Technical Core Courses:

The core courses include programming, analytical reasoning, and communication skills.

  • Computer Science Major
    • CIS 162 Computer Science I
    • CIS 163 Computer Science II
    • STA 215 (or STA 312)
    • MTH 225
    • COM 201 (or WRT 350)
  • Information Systems Major
    • CIS 162 Computer Science I
    • CIS 260 Application Development in Visual Basic
    • STA 215 (or STA 312)
    • MTH 125
    • COM 201 (or WRT 350)

Steps to Becoming a CS or INF major:

Step 1:
Complete the university Major Declaration web form. Declare yourself as a Computer Science  or Information Systems major. When the form is received, you will be assigned an advisor from the PCEC Advising Center and notified by email.
Step 2:
Meet with a Padnos College of Engineering and Computing advisor, if necessary, to schedule your initial coursework.
Step 3:
Complete the Secondary Admission Application (login with your EOS user ID and password) once you have completed ALL the technical core courses.
Students are allowed to apply for the secondary admission two times ONLY. So, please use them wisely and do not apply until you meet ALL the secondary admission requirements.Note: You will not be allowed to enroll in any upper-level CIS coursework (300 and 400 level) until you have been admitted to the major.
The registration system will allow you to register for a limited number of courses:

For Computer Science majors:

  • CIS 241 System-Level Programming and Utilities
  • CIS 350 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CIS 353 Database

For Information Systems Majors :

You will be dropped from these courses before the term begins if you have not been admitted to the major.

Step 4:
The School will review applications the first Friday of every month. You will be contacted by email with the decision.
Step 5:
You may schedule upper-level CIS coursework once admitted as a major. Consult with your advisor, if necessary.