Four Computer Science Students

GVSU Computer Science students (Left to right): Zach Ash, Nathan Kelderman, and Rupert Turnbull. This team performed remarkably well in the recent ACM Programming Contest hosted at GVSU.


Grand Valley State University serves as a host for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).  The ICPC is a team-based programming contest that takes place at almost 3,000 universities from over 100 countries from around the world.  As a regional site GVSU hosted 30 teams from around the midwest, including teams from University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Kalamazoo College and others.  Teams of up to three contestants are given nine programming challenges, and have five hours to create solutions to those problems that run in a given time with a given memory requirement.

GVSU had four teams participate this year.  For the months leading up to the ICPC students met weekly with Dr. Hans Dulimarta to practice problem solving skills and basic contest strategy.  These problems are very complex, requiring a strong grasp of Computer Science algorithms, data structures, and comfortability with various programming languages.  One GVSU team in particular, comprised of Zach Ash, Nathan Kelderman and Rupert Turnbull, did very well, successfully solving six of the nine challenge in the allotted time.

Overall GVSU placed 4th at our site, behind two UoM teams and one team from Kalamazoo College.  This ranking put us at number 19 out of the 134 teams in the region.


(Article submitted by Ira Woodring)