The GVSU School of CIS faculty conduct research in a number of focus areas.  Here is a brief summary of current research labs/projects.  Students interested in getting involved in faculty led research are encouraged to contact the relevant faculty listed below to discuss.

Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics: Professor Guenter Tusch carries out research on Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics. (Web:

High Performance Computing : The DEN (Distributed Execution Network) lab is led by Professor Greg Wolffe. The DEN does research in High Performance Computing. (Web:

Mobile Applications and Services Lab: MASL is led by Professors Jonathan Engelsma and Hans Dulimarta. The lab engages in a variety of application research projects. (Web: 

Networking / Network Security: Professors Kalafut and Mostafa conduct research in network/network security. (Web:

Social Networking / Data Mining: A number of professors (Scripps, Kurmas, and Trefftz) have been working on community finding algorithms. (Web: A list of recent publications can be found on

Teaching / Pedagogy: Professor Scott Grissom is a member of a team that is studying the adoption of new technologies in the classroom with funding from NSF. (Web: