There has been continuous growth of IT technical vacancies. However, there are many unfilled IT jobs because of the lack of IT specialists who possess adequate knowledge and skills, even in the current digital economic climate. In today’s economy, every organization requires IT professionals in order to identify, plan, implement, maintain and protect the organization’s computing environment from possible security threats as well as applying the available technologies to solve problems.

GVSU addresses this challenge by building and offering a four-year IT degree that speaks directly to the market’s demand for college graduates with an IT background.  The IT degree will provide students with the fundamental computing background and tools necessary to build and maintain the enterprise’s computing infrastructure including System Administration, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Cyber Forensics and Incident Response and Web-systems Integration as well as incorporating modern technologies to problem solving and decision-making.

GVSU’s IT program embraces the value of hands-on learning through the incorporation of discovery-based learning approach centered on hands-on lab experiments supplemented by research activities and collaboration with professionals from multiple computing disciplines during their internships and capstone project.

Grand Valley has a great reputation with employers in this region and we feel that this new program will measure up to that reputation.

More information regarding this exciting new degree program is available on the GVSU School of Computing website.