students working on computers

Data science is a fast growing area in today’s economy. Grand Valley’s new Data Science and Analytics graduate degree gives students the fundamental analytics background to prepare them to work with large and complex data sets in any discipline. This is a program that stresses the basics of data science, such as probability theory, programming skills, information and data theory as well as practical considerations like data preparation.

Building on the fundamentals, students will learn the techniques and algorithms that are central to data science. The program is designed to be hands on with projects using popular tools and languages. Students will learn to present results informatively using graphics and visualization. They will also be required to complete a semester internship as well as courses that will prepare them to be effective communicators, working on teams and to be ethical and professional employees.

We expect the potential new students to come from one of three groups. The first group will include students with strong math and statistical backgrounds but need to strengthen their computing skills. The next group will have experienced coders who need to improve their understanding of statistics and probability. Finally, the last group will have students from programs not typically associated with data science but who want to make a direction change in their career or education. There are paths for all three of these groups, with courses that will help them get to a level playing field where all are prepared for the program.

Grand Valley has a great reputation with employers in this region and we feel that this new program will measure up to that reputation.