Coordinator: Joe Hornik


All CIS students who are governed by the 1998/1999 and later catalogs are required to complete an internship.

Objectives of the CIS Internship Program:

  1. To enable students to gain valuable practical experience related to their academic field and to enhance their opportunity for employment upon graduation.
  2. To enable an employer to maintain closer liaison with the Department and the University and to evaluate and train student interns as prospective full-time employees.
  3. To provide the CIS Department with a source of input on the current problems and needs of business and industry.

Catalog Description:

CIS 490 Internship: Internship in a computing situation with individual faculty supervision to allow students to apply academic knowledge to actual and professional experience. A minimum of 16 hours of actual field work per week under the supervision of a work supervisor is required. Graded credit/no credit. Prerequisites: Junior status, 2.0 overall GPA, 2.0 GPA in major. Variable credit (2 to 5 credits). Offered every semester.

In addition to the above course description in the GVSU catalog, the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Regulations section of the catalog specifies that an Internship is experiential learning for credit taking place outside the classroom and directed by a field supervisor and a Grand Valley State University faculty member. A student may enroll up to a maximum of 15 credits of Internships. An Internship must be planned the semester before it takes place.

Steps Involved In Finding and Completing an Internship

  1. Complete the Prerequisites
  2. Find an Acceptable Internship position
  3. Complete the registration paperwork
  4. Meet with the Internship Coordinator during the semester proceeding the start of the internship
  5. Start the work at your employer’s site
  6. Write and send the deliverables ON TIME
  7. Ensure your supervisor sends the Site Supervisor Evaluation of Intern Report
  8. Get a grade for CIS 490 (possible once all deliverables are received by coordinator)

Internship paperwork – step by step – found online:

  2. Go under “Academics”
  3. Click on “Internship – CIS 490”
  4. Click on “Student Information”
  5. Go down to “Steps Involved in Finding & Completing an Internship”, Click on #3 “registration paperwork”
  6. #1- click on “Internship Agreement Form”. It should automatically download and automatically display the form.
  7. Fill out (online) the top portion, and, Page 2 “Courses Completed In My Major”
  8. Print off the forms, have your employer fill out section #2 on the first page
  9. Schedule an appointment with Mr. Hornik (

****DO NOT submit an override request for CIS 490. Mr. Hornik will complete a Banner override for the class, after you meet with him, when your paperwork is complete. You will receive an email indicating the override is done, and you can register for CIS 490.