Information Technology majors emphasize the technology needed to convey information needed in organizations. IT specialists assume responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization, integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure, and installing, customizing, and maintaining those applications for the organization’s computer users. Information Technology graduates possess the combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to take care of both an organization’s information technology infrastructure and the people who use it.

Secondary Admission Courses:

The following courses MUST be completed prior to being admitted into the Information Technology major. See for more details.

CIS 160, CIS 162, MTH 125 (or MTH 225), STA 215 (or STA 312), and COM 201

Major Core Courses:

CIS  150      Introduction to Computing (or test out)
CIS  160      Programming with Visual Basic
CIS  162      Computer Science I
CIS  230      Hardware and Software
CIS  231      Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets
CIS  238      Internet Media and Programming
CIS  290      CIS Internship Preparation
CIS  331      Data Analysis Tools and Techniques
CIS  333      Database Management and Implementation
CIS  337      Network Systems Management
CIS  338      Wide Area Network Engineering
CIS  358      Information Assurance
CIS  368      Usability Design and Evaluation
CIS  373      Pervasive Computing
CIS  430      Computer and Cyber Forensics
CIS  437      Distributed Computing
CIS  458      System Security
CIS  462      Information Technology Project (Capstone Course)
CIS  490      Internship

Major Elective Track Courses:

Each student is required to select one concentration area from the following list of 5 areas, plus an additional two courses from any track that you did not select:

Data Management and Visualization:
CIS  320      Visualization of Data and Information
CIS  335      Data Mining
CIS  360      Information Management and Science

Software Development:
CIS  260      Application Development in Visual Basic
OR CIS 163     Computer Science II
CIS  330      Systems Analysis and Design
CIS  443      Software Development Tools

Web and Mobile Applications:
CIS  260         Application Development in Visual Basic
OR CIS 163   Computer Science II
CIS  357      Mobile Application Development
CIS  371      Web Application Programming

IT Management:
CIS  330      Systems Analysis and Design
CIS  450      IS Project Management
CIS  460      Management of Information Systems

IT Specialization:
A list of 9 credits hours to be chosen by the student to customize their concentration in specialized areas to complement the student’s program goals and approved by an advisor.

Major Cognate Courses:

COM    201  Speech
MGT    268  Business Processes and Management Information Systems
MTH    125  Survey of Calculus (or MTH 225)
STA     215  Introductory Applied Statistics (or STA 312)
STA     216  Intermediate Applied Statistics (or STA 318 *prereq STA 215)
WRT    350  Business Communication


A list of all CIS course descriptions can be found here: