Information Systems majors study the use of computers in organizing and processing information. This includes such topics as database management systems, networking and distributed computing, network management, and system analysis. Cognate courses emphasize communication skills and business fundamentals. The degree includes a minor in business.

Secondary Admission Courses:

The following courses MUST be completed prior to being admitted into the Information Systems major. See for more details.

CIS 162, CIS 260, MTH 125, STA 215 (or STA 312), and COM 201

Major Core Courses:

CIS  150      Introduction to Computing (or test out)
CIS  162      Computer Science I
CIS  230      Hardware and Software
CIS  238      Internet Media and Programming
CIS  253 or 371 or 163  COBOL or Web Application Programming or Computer Science II
CIS  260      Application Development in Visual Basic
CIS  290      CIS Internship Preparation
CIS  330      Systems Analysis and Design
CIS  337      Network Systems Management
CIS  333      Database Management and Implementation
CIS  450      Information Systems Project Management
CIS  460      Management of Information Systems
CIS  463      Information Systems Project (Capstone Course)
CIS  490      Internship

Major Track Courses:

All Information Systems Majors must select one of the following, 2-course tracks:

Software Development:
An additional course from the Core option above: (CIS 163, 253 or 371)

CIS 443       Software Development Tools

CIS  437  Distributed Computing

Choose One:
CIS  338      Wide Area Network (WAN) Engineering
CIS  375      Wireless Networking Systems

Major Cognate Courses:

ACC   212   Principles of Financial Accounting
ACC   213   Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUS   201   Legal Environment for Business
COM  201   Speech
ECO  210   Introductory Macroeconomics
OR ECO  211  Introductory Microeconomics (Recommended by CIS)
FIN    320   Managerial Finance
MGT  268   Business Processes and Management Information Systems
MGT  331   Concepts of Management
MKT  350   Marketing Management
MTH  125   Survey of Calculus
STA   215   Introductory Applied Statistics (or STA 312)
STA   216   Intermediate Applied Statistics (or STA 318* prerequisite STA 215)
WRT  350   Business Communication


Recommended course of study plans may be found on the PCEC Advising website:

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