The information security systems minor, offered by the School of Computing and Information Systems and the School of Criminal Justice, is open to all students. This minor is designed to provide students with a foundation related to the principles of information security in a theoretical and practical application related to how a comprehensive information security program will contribute to protecting organizational information assets.

Only 12 credits maximum may apply to both the criminal justice major and ISS minor. Seek advising for assistance.


The ISS minor requires 24-26 credit hours

  • CJ 315 Principles of Security
  • CJ 464 Security Management

Select one course from each of the six groupings:


  • CJ 201 Criminology
  • CJ 302 Criminal Law

Group 2

  • CJ 311 Criminal Investigation
  • CJ 408 White-Collar and Corporate Crime

Group 3

  • CIS 160 Programming with Visual Basic
  • CIS 162 Computer Science I
  • CIS 163 Computer Science II

Group 4

  • CIS 233 Concepts of Database Systems
  • CIS 333 Database Management and Implementation
  • CIS 358 Information Assurance

Group 5

  • CIS 237 Introduction to Network Management
  • CIS 337 Network Systems Management
  • CIS 457 Data Communications

Group 6

  • CIS 430 Computer and Cyber Forensics
  • CIS 458 System Security