Computer Science majors prepare to design and implement software, discover new uses of computing, and to solve computing problems. Theoretical and practical aspects of computing are emphasized. Operating systems, data communications, programming languages and their implementation, and the analysis of algorithms are among the topics covered. Cognate courses emphasize communication and analytical reasoning.

Secondary Admission Courses:

The following courses MUST be completed prior to being admitted into the Computer Science major. See for more details.

CIS 162, CIS 163, MTH 225, STA 215 (or STA 312), and COM 201

Major Core Courses:

CIS  162  Computer Science I
CIS  163  Computer Science II
CIS  241   System-level Programming and Utilities
CIS  263  Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS  290  CIS Internship Preparation
CIS  343  Structure of Programming Languages
CIS  350  Introduction to Software Engineering
CIS  351  Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CIS  353  Database
CIS  452  Operating Systems Concepts
CIS  457  Data Communications
CIS  467  Computer Science Project (Capstone Course)
CIS  490  Internship

Major Elective Courses:

Select three (Minimum of 9 credit hours) from the following:

CIS  335  Data Mining
CIS  357  Mobile Application Development
CIS  360  Information Management and Science
CIS  365  Artificial Intelligence
CIS  367  Computer Graphics
CIS  368  Usability Design and Evaluation
CIS  371  Web Application Programming
CIS  375  Wireless Networking Systems
CIS  380  Special Topics  (Offered on Demand)
CIS  430  Computer and Cyber Forensics
CIS  443  Software Development Tools
CIS  451  Computer Architecture
CIS  458  System Security
CIS  461  Compiler Design and Construction
CIS  465  Automata and Theory of Computation
CIS  480  Special Topics  (Offered on Demand)

Major Cognate Courses:

COM    201  Speech
MTH    201  Calculus I
MTH    225  Discrete Structures: Computer Science
MTH    325  Discrete Structures: Computer Science 2
STA     215  Introductory Applied Statistics (or STA 312)
WRT    350  Business Communication

AND one of the following math/statistics courses:
MTH  202    Calculus II
MTH  227    Linear Algebra I
MTH  465    Automata and Theory of Computation
STA   216    Intermediate Applied Statistics
STA   418    Statistical Computing and Graphics with R

AND one of the following science courses:
BIO   120   General Biology I
CHM 115    Principles of Chemistry I
PHY  220   General Physics I
PHY  230   Principles of Physics I

Recommended course of study plans may be found on the PCEC Advising website:

A list of all CIS course descriptions can be found here: