About the Names

The EOS, ARCH, and Datacomm labs are specialty labs that were originally created to support operating systems, computer architecture, and computer intercommunication classes.  Today they are still used for these purposes, but also are used for general CIS computing students to complete almost all of their work.  However, the original names are still used when referring to these labs.  The EOS lab stands for “Exploring Operating Systems.”  The ARCH lab stands for “Architecture”. And the Datacomm lab stands for “Data Communications”


The EOS lab is housed in MAK (Mackinac Hall) A-1-105.  These machines are named eosXX.cis.gvsu.edu, where the XX is a number 01 through 32.

The Arch lab is located in MAK A-1-101.  The Arch machines are named archXX.cis.gvsu.edu with XX being 01 through 10.

The Datacom lab is located in MAK A-1-167.  These machines are named dcXX.cis.gvsu.edu, where the XX is a number 01 through 25.

The Hybrid Computing lab is located in MAK D-2-233.

 More Information

The following links contain more information about the EOS and Architecture labs, including technical, access, and procedural information.

Linux Tutorials – These tutorials will help you learn Linux basics so you can get up and running quickly.

Key Cards – Access to these labs require a key card as they are not for the general GVSU student population.

User IDs and Passwords – EOS and Architecture labs require a separate sign-on than from the University general labs.

Web Space – EOS users may host personal web sites from their space.

SSH – Secure Shell information and current key fingerprints.

X2Go – Provides remote graphical desktops to our machines.

VPN – Virtual Private Network software provides a secure connection to campus computing resources, and is required to access some resources while off campus.

Databases – Several relational database systems are installed and available for students who need them.

See also the Mastering EOS document set put together by a number of CIS students.