The CIS 150 class at Grand Valley State University facilitates weeks of practice with Office applications along with faculty lead exploration of modern technology concepts. Some students may feel that their prior business experience or college level courses provided similar learning opportunities.

Students who want to receive credit for CIS 150 without taking the course must successfully pass the following two exams:

  1. CLEP Information Systems
  2. CIS 150 Lab Skills

You must pass the CLEP exam with a minimum “ACE score” of 55 or better in order to take the Lab Skills exam. The GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems administers the Lab Skills section of the exam. There is no fee for the CIS Lab Skills portion of the exam. You may retake the Lab Skills exam once every three months.

CLEP Testing
NOTE: GVSU no longer offers CLEP Testing. For CLEP information, see:

CIS 150 Lab Skills (Microsoft Office 2016® Applications), including Access, Excel, and Word.

Lab Skills Exam Information:
GVSU School of Computing & Information Systems
C-2-100 MAK (Allendale Campus)
Contact: Dr. Szymon Machajewski, CIS 150 Coordinator

Students who have successfully completed CIS 150 would be able to pass the Lab Skills Exam. If you pass the Lab Skills Exam with a score of at least 70%, you will receive full credit for CIS 150. If you pass only the CLEP section and do not pass the Lab Skills section, you will receive three hours of General Business credit.



Updated July 2018