These pages provide our academic policies and procedures, as well as schedules of classes and general course information.

Academic Honesty – Guidelines and procedures to complement the GVSU academic honesty policies by clarifying academic honesty within computing majors.

Degree Programs – Information on the courses that make up our degree programs.

Secondary Admission – Admission to major standing in Computer Science (CS) Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) is competitive and requires a secondary application.

CIS Course Descriptions – Catalog text of all CIS courses.

Internship – CIS 490 – Information regarding the CIS Student Internship Program.

CIS 150 Test Out Procedure – Students who want to receive credit for CIS 150 without taking the course need to follow the instructions on this page.

Policies – Academic policies for students.

Student Success Center – Need some help with your CIS courses? Learn more about the CIS Student Success Center.

Schedule of Classes – A complete schedule of courses from the Registrar’s Office.