For Zurich University of Applied students: Intended for B.Sc. students just before their final year, to learn the fundamentals and gain first practical experience in analyzing data. Are you keen to discover what is the core of the current trend of “digitalization” that shakes every industry; do you want to be prepared for interesting final your projects in machine learning etc.? Use this opportunity and learn to prepare, manage, analyze and visualize data, experiencing for yourself the art of data science. This summer school is open for students in computer science, business engineering, and related technical disciplines. No prior knowledge except programming is assumed.

For Grand Valley State University students: Intended for Juniors or Seniors in CS or IS (possibly Stats) majors to develop critical skills and experience working with “Big Data” for data mining and visualization. This is an excellent way to combine a study-abroad experience while satisfying your degree requirements in a shortened timeframe..Prior knowledge of programming and basic statistics assumed.

For information on how to apply: click here
The deadline to complete the application is February 1.


Tentative Schedule

  • June 28 – July 2 Fly to Germany for sightseeing and excursions prior to program at ZHAW
  • July 3-6 Week 1 at ZHAW. Module “Big Data Analytics with SAS” You learn to manage and prepare data for data analysis using state of the art tools like SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Data Integration Studio. You engineer Extract-Transform- Load (ETL) processes and earn an official certificate from SAS, one of the leading providers of professional data analytics solutions.
  • July 7-8 Excursions to the Alps. Visit a Fortress/museum, monastery, and hiking in the Alps
  • July 9 Free day for sightseeing, shopping, etc. on your own
  • July 10-13 Week 2 at ZHAW. Module “Scripting & Hacking Analytics Challenge.You learn how to write data analysis scripts in the Python programming language.Then, you use your newly acquired skills to compete in a data science hackathon with your classmates, getting your hands dirty with real data.
  • July 14 Excursion to picturesque Swiss towns, Schloss Laufen, and mighty Rheinfall. We will end our trip with a visit to a Swiss farm/vineyard, wine tasting, and dinner with the farm family.
  • July 15 GVSU students return to Michigan
  • July 16 ZHAW students travel to Michigan
  • July 17-20 Week 3 at GVSU. Module “Data Mining for Analytics” You will learn about the data mining process, using R to prepare data and employ data mining techniques on retail business and other data.  Emphasis will be on analysis and interpretation of results.
  • July 21-22 Excursion to northern Michigan, hiking on the Sleeping Bear sand dunes, relaxing on Lake Michigan.
  • July 23 Free day for sightseeing, shopping, etc. on your own
  • July 24 -27 Week 4 at GVSU. Module “Data Visualization for Analytics” You will learn to generate infographics as well as interactive visualizations using state of the art visualization and visual analytics software. You will design and implement an interactive visualization for a large dataset in software packages such as D3 (with JavaScript), Python, or Tableau.
  • July 28 Excursion to Chicago. Visit Science & Industry museum, and observation deck of Willis Tower (412 meters above street.)
  • July 29 Exchange ends. Swiss students have free time to explore, and then return to Switzerland.