Applying Mobile Datasets to Simulate the Spread of Ebola in West Africa

Predicting Ebola outbreaks in Ivory Coast, Africa via large mobile phone data sets.

2015 School of CIS Honors Banquet

The CIS Faculty honor the achievements of our students for the 2015 academic year.

Exploring alternative control modalities for unmanned aerial vehicles

GVSU CIS graduate student investigates using gestures based interfaces to help amateurs learn to fly drones

Mitigating DNS Amplification Attacks

Learn how GVSU computer scientists are helping make the Internet a safer place.

Alumni Success Stories


Steve Derico (BSCS - 2009) recently published a book entitled "Introducing iOS 8". The book, published by O'Reilly in December 2014 teaches programmers how to write iPhone/iPad apps using Apple's new Swift programming language.

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Since graduating in April of 2012, Alex Restrepo (MS in CIS) has managed to work on a number of high profile projects out in Silicon Valley. After a 2 year stint at Instagram, Alex has recently joined Oculus VR as a software developer.

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Recent CIS News Updates

  • Prof. Hornik Honored for Leadership...

    Prof. Joe Hornik receives the 2015 Outstanding Internship Advocate of the Year Award.
    On April 14, 2015 Prof. Joe Hornik was named Outstanding Internship Advocate of the Year.  Prof Hornik has served as Instructor and and Internship Coordinator for many years in GVSU’s School of Computing …

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    Get With the Program!...

    Get With the Program is an annual programming and robotics camp for girls, that is hosted by Profs Ana Posada and Teresa Peterman here at GVSU’s School of Computing and Information Systems.  This year the camp will run from August 3-7.  Campers will get exposed …

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    CIS Masters Presentations...

    GVSU School of CIS graduate student final project/thesis presentations are scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2015.  Given the large number of students presenting, presentations will be scheduled throughout the day in both MAK A-1-105 and MAK A-1-111.
    Download the complete W’15 Masters Presentation Book with abstracts.
    Mak …

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